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ENG201 Assignment No 3 Solution Fall 2017


Your company is considering ways to promote staff fitness and morale. Being a Human Resource Manager, you have discussed with your boss to open a fitness center at your office. Write a feasibility report about the fitness center assuming that your supervisor tentatively agrees to your idea.


Starting a gym is a very interesting and profitable venture. This is because much more than wanting to help other people realize their weight goals, you also can keep and stay fit always.
It is pertinent to state that it might be a little capital intensive, as you will have to procure all valuable and vital exercising equipment that will promote your business. You do not want to be found wanting when clients call for certain types of equipment. You will also need to hire the best of instructors that can assist the people reach their goals pretty faster and systematically.

If you very much agree with the saying that goes ‘ health is wealth’, then you may also very well agree that one of the ways of staying healthy is by keeping fit and having a good BMI. It is very important to not be complacent when the issue of staying fit comes to fore. This is one of the reasons why there has been the craze for fitness lately all over the globe. Those who are particular about staying fit know that it is a part of life.


You are about to start preparation for the upcoming CSS exams. The NOVA academy is famous for assistance in the papers. You want to take information about the list of the subjects for which coaching is available. Write a letter of inquiry to the Administrator of the academy asking him/her about the subjects being offered.  


Date: October 15, 2008
NOVA ACADMY 918 Emmet Street South, Charlottesville, VA, (434) 924-3344
Dear Ms. Administration,
I have heard a lot about the various courses offered by NOVA ACADMY. The official website of the Academy gives a lot of guidance and help to students who want admission. This is of great use as you can go through the courses and select a few that you are interested in. While going through courses in Management, I came across a course in Waste Management. This featured under the category of green education. That really interested me as I want complete coaching for my CSS exams. I love nature and want to do something to nurture it through my profession. I feel waste management is a course that will help me fulfill my dream. A lot of jobs are available in this field of management as many countries have started feeling the heat of global warming. I have some knowledge about the basics of this course but I need detailed information, so that I can take a decision to pursue my post graduate degree in waste management.

I request you to send me the detailed course structure, curriculum and admission procedure for the course as these details are not available on the website. The website gives information about fee structure, duration of course and eligibility criterion for admission.

You can send me information on my email address- saifurrehma100@gmail.comthis will be great help for me. I know it is a tough task and it will be time consuming. I look forward to your positive reply.
Yours truly,
Virtual Study Solutions.

Note: Make Changes from the above dnt copy paste I m not responsible in case of zero marks 

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