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Latest Mgt211 Solved Mcqs Mega File By Moaaz

1. Which of the following must hold a statutory meeting?
Statutory companies
Private limited companies
Public limited companies
Chartered companies

2. Which of the following is NOT included in aids to trade?
Foreign trade

3. The portion of capital kept at the winding up of acompany for the payment of debts is known as:
Reserve capital
Issued capital
Subscribed capital
Authorized capital

4. Which of the following business type can avail some
concessions from the government?
Sole proprietorship
Joint Stock company
Cooperative society

5. While making financial projections in a business plan,
which of these would NOT form part of the
Source of loan
Net income or profit
Expected revenues

6. Which of the following are included in a business plan? Financial information, production plans, personal policies.
Goals of the business and how they will be
Market analysis
All of the given options.

7. Which of the following is not a reason for a business failure?
Managerial experience or inexperience
Effective control systems
Insufficient control system
None of the given options

8. In which of the following two or more organizations collaborate on a project for mutual gain?
Limited partnership
Public corporation
Strategic alliance
None of the given options

9. The difference between a country's merchandise exports and its merchandise imports is the:
Current account
Capital account
Balance of trade
Balance of payments

10. One of the best solutions to get rid of non-biodegradable wastes is:
11. The MBTI is a personality test that has been used to select candidates who will more likely engage in organizational citizenship behaviors at work. However, critics of this test suggest that the results can change over time as a person's personality
develops. Therefore the MBTI personality test may be:

Legal but not valid
Valid but not reliable
Reliable but not valid
Reliable but not legal

12.__________ is a written statement which contains the duties and responsibilities of a job.
Job analysis
Job specification
Job description
Job inventory chart

13. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, a person who buys a motion detector/burglar alarm for her house is motivated to do so in an attempt to fulfill
the following need:

14. Douglas McGregor is associated with which of the following?
Scientific management
Motivational factors
Theory X and theory Y
The Hawthorne studies

15. Which step in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory deals with achieving one's potential?
Self actualization

16. The term "Job Rotation": Is another term for employee empowerment?

Involves allocating a wider range of similar tasks toindividuals
Involves giving employees work with a greater
degree of responsibility and autonomy
Means that staff is moved periodically from task to
task in order to increase variety and

17. Which of the following statements is NOT true about
They are experienced, used or consumed
They are often sold first, and then consumed
They are perishable
They are tangible

18. Which of the following generic terms is not a
management function?

19. Increases in the degree of responsibility a worker has over his or her job is referred to as job:

20. ABC Company is currently hiring employees from different countries. ABC Company is said to be implementing _______________ strategy.
Workforce diversity

21. What is potentially the biggest advantage of a small
partnership over a sole proprietorship?
Unlimited liability
Single tax filing
Difficult ownership resale
Raising capital

22. Which of the following is the oldest form of business
Sole proprietorship
Cooperative society

23. Which of the following is an advantage of a corporation that is not an advantage as a limited partner in a partnership?
Limited liability
Easy transfer of ownership position
Double taxation
All of the given options are advantages that the
corporation has over limited partner

24. Examples of constructive industries include:
Sugar mills
Plant nurseries

25. Which of the following statement shows the Trade Deficit process?
A process in which country imports are higher than
the exports
A process in which country exports are equal to the
A process in which country imports are less than
the country exports
All of the given options

26. Mr. Saleem has invested 20,000 Rs in a business but did
not take part in the management of the
business. In which category of partner he falls?
Secret partner
Silent partner
Sleeping partner
All of the given options

27. Name of the business should:
Be simple
Indicates the type of business
Be familiar
All of the given options

28. Hormel Foods Corporation in the USA allows the Danish company Tulip International to produce and market SPAM for the UK market under its
own name. What kind of market entry strategy is Hormel using?
Joint venturing

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