Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Eco403 gdb Solution 2018

Eco403 gdb Solution 

Traditionally, China and Pakistan have cooperated closely at the strategic and political levels. Now the two nations are making efforts to expand their bilateral collaboration economically as well. The construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a milestone that signifies. This initiative has been well-received in both countries, although it is not without its problems.1 Nevertheless, China and Pakistan regard the CPEC as a new source of potential synergy between their respective national development strategies, which may help the two countries translate their close political cooperation into multifaceted economic cooperation, attain mutual benefits, and achieve win-win outcomes. For the economic corridor to reach its potential, however, there are security and political challenges in Pakistan that must be addressed.s this shift. The CPEC appears to be a very crucial project for both the countries. For China it provides an alternate secure route to import Energy and find new markets for its goods and services. For Pakistan it helps counters Indian influence in the region, position itself as a major transit point connecting Eurasian region with South Asia and South East Asia and provide a much needed base to kick start its economic growth.It will connect western, central and eastern route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor not only providing employment opportunities to locals but would provide telecom services in un served and underserved areas of the route

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