Tuesday, 30 January 2018

CS601 GDB Solution Fall 2017


Suppose MultiSoft is a company working on multimedia development having its branches in different cities. These branches are connected through a computer network, which they use extensively to transfer multimedia contents (videos, photos, audio, images etc.) within these branches. Now, MultiSoft wants to setup a new mechanism for live video streaming to have live interaction between employees at different branches.

They need security as well as reliable video streaming services. Which OSI layer(s) is responsible for dealing with that need and which protocol(s) of that layer ensures secureand reliable communication. Justify your answer based on logical reasoning in 2 to 4 lines.

Cs601 Gdb Solution 2018:

 The transport layer, which is responsible for getting data from one end to the other.Progressive streaming doesn't have the flexibility of true streaming, since the data rate can't be adjusted on the fly and the transmission can't be separated into multiple streams. If it delivers a whole file quickly and the user listens to or watches just the beginning, it wastes bandwidth. The user is given the whole file and can copy it without any effort.

"True" streaming uses a streaming protocol to control the transfer. The packets received don't add up to a file. Don't mistake streaming for copy protection, though; unless there's server-to-application encryption, it's not hard to reconstruct a file from the data.

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