Monday, 7 May 2018

MGT211 GDB Solution 2018

MGT211 GDB Solution 2018:

I think internet and digital platforms play a key role in the discovery of small and medium businesses as well as in consumers purchase decision. About 45 percent of business owners in the all over the world believe on the digital presence for their business. According to 77 percent of small and medium enterprises owners.  A digital presence helps with customer acquisition. In the future, nearly 60 percent of business owner plan to invest on a new website or improve the one they already have.
As of 2017, investing in social media marketing is the intention of about 45 percent business owners. Enterprises should be able to deliver custom applications at the speed of ideas. That’s the way to stay ahead in competition in today’s world. Digital business transformation driven by key factors like innovative Technology, consumer customer behavior, marketing demand and also environmental factors. Providing customers with a delightful experience in every aspect of delivery .Gain customer loyalty in a way that customer speak of your brand.For a successful digital transformation in any business organization, digital maturity and a modern organization culture are of paramount importance.

MGT211 GDB Solution 2018 Make Changes On All GDB'S And Assignment

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