Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Cs502 Assignment 1 Solution 2018

Fundamentals of Algorithms (CS502)
Assignment # 01
Spring 2018
Question # 1:                                                                               10   Marks

For the following code segment, provide line-by-line analysis and construct function T(n) that give the runtime of this code as a function of "n".  Also determine the big-O for this code segment.                 [Marks: 5+3+2]

Question # 2:                                                                        5   Marks
Which of the following two functions is faster? 
a)     f1 = 10n2
b)    f2 =  n3   

Question # 3:                                                                          5   Marks

In the context of 2D Maxima problem, Brute Force algorithm runs in Θ(n2) time and Plane-Sweep algorithm runs in Θ(nlog2n) time. For n = 500,000, if Plane-Sweep takes 1 second, how much time (in hours) Brute Force algorithm will take? Calculate and show all the steps.
Note: Base of log is 2 (e.g. log210 = 3.321928095)

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