Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Eng201 Gdb Solution File 2018

ENG201 GDB Solution:

Yes because people showed that bundling expensive and inexpensive products changed what people thought those items were worth. Even when they found both items in a bundle attractive, they were willing to pay less for the bundle than for the more expensive product alone. We also found that people were less likely to buy bundles that combined expensive and inexpensive products. People naturally tend to classify products as either expensive or inexpensive, and this categorization influences how they judge products. When an expensive item is bundled with an inexpensive one, people categorize the bundle as less expensive, and this lowers their willingness to pay for it
U can justify more like people satisfaction, awareness reliability, quality etc

Note: just idea from the above and write down in ur own words I’m not responsible in case of zero marks

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