Thursday, 25 January 2018

CS304 GDB No 1 Solution Fall 2017 Last Date 26-01-2018

CS304 GDB No 1 Solution Fall 2017
Solution Idea:
Object-oriented programming is a programming paradigm using "objects": data structures consisting of data fields and methods together with their interactions.
Procedural programming is a term used to denote the way in which a computer programmer writes a program. This method of developing software, which also is called an application, revolves around keeping code as concise as possible. It also focuses on a very specific end result to be achieved. When it is mandatory that a program complete certain steps to achieve specific results, the code is said to have been written according to procedural programming.
Procedural programming is not always the preferred method of coding applications. Software that is highly complex can require literally thousands of lines of code, making it somewhat more difficult for a team of people to work with it. Some programmers hold the opinion that extremely large applications can become difficult to maintain even by one developer.

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