Monday, 29 January 2018

CS302 GDB Solution Fall 2017

CS302 GDB Solution fall – 2017

GDB Question:

With the technology scaling and process improvement, do you think that existing CMOS will be able to exist in future?
Give your opinion as brief and precise as possible.


Yes CMOS is ready in future as a result of CMOS (corresponding metal-oxide-semiconductor) is that the term usually accustomed portray the insufficient live of memory on a computer motherboard that stores the BIOS settings. a number of these BIOS settings incorporate the framework time and date and instrumentality settings.

Most discuss CMOS includes clearing CMOS, that intends to reset the BIOS settings to their default levels. this can be a very straightforward endeavor that's an improbable investigation venture for a few varieties of computer problems.

Perceive a way to Clear CMOS for many approaches to try and do this on your computer.
Note: A CMOS sensor is distinctive - it's utilized by advanced cameras to change over pictures into computerized information.

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