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Cs101 Short Questions For Final Term Mega Files

Question No: 1 (Marks: 1)
What is heuristic?
Heuristic is a procedure that usually, but not always, works or that gives nearly the right

Question No: 2 (Marks: 1)
In programming, what is an object?
Object is a named collection of properties (data, state) & methods (instructions,

Question No: 3 (Marks: 2)
What is spreadsheet? List any two jobs that it can do.
A spreadsheet is a grid that organizes data into columns and rows. Spreadsheets make it
easy to display information, and people can insert formulas to work with the data.
Electronic replacement for ledgers

Question No: 4 (Marks: 2)
In JavaScript, what is event handling? What are the two types of events?
In JavaScript capturing events and responding to them is event handling. The system
sends events to the program and the program responds to them as they arrive.
1. Events can include things a user does - like clicking the mouse.
2. Events that the system itself does - like updating the clock.

Question No: 5 ( Marks: 3 )
Explain how many ways businesses monitor their employees?
• Systems are available that monitor almost every key stroke that an employee makes on
a computer.
• Systems are available that read and censor all incoming and outgoing eMail.
• It is quite straight forward to monitor where you surf the web.

Question No: 6 ( Marks: 3 )
What is difference between Design and System Architecture?
System architecture is the conceptual design that defines the structure and/or behavior of
a system. Whereas designs it as an independent, self-contained system.

Question No: 7 ( Marks: 3 )
What are the Sub categories of Artificial Intelligence? Briefly explain any two.
1. Expert systems:
Expert system is that system which is in some limited sense, can replace an expert.
2. Robotics:
Robotics is an automatic machine that performs various tasks that were previously done

by humans.

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